Ford Dare to Compare

Ford Dare to Compare

Dare to Compare: Robert Horne Ford Service Center vs. Independent Shops

When it comes to vehicle maintenance and repairs, the choice between a dealership service center like Robert Horne Ford and independent shops can be crucial. Both options have their merits, but it’s essential to understand what sets a dealership service center apart. At Robert Horne Ford in Apache Junction, AZ, we pride ourselves on providing a level of service that is hard to match. Here’s a comparison to help you make an informed decision about where to take your vehicle for its next service.

Certified Service and Technicians at Robert Horne Ford

One significant advantage of Robert Horne Ford’s service center is our team of certified technicians. Unlike many independent shops, our technicians are specifically trained and certified to work on Ford vehicles, ensuring your vehicle receives the highest level of care. Their expertise is backed by continuous training on the latest Ford technology and service practices, offering you peace of mind that your vehicle is in capable hands.

Genuine OEM Parts and Fluids for Optimal Performance

At Robert Horne Ford, we use genuine OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts and fluids, ensuring that every component of your vehicle is of the highest quality and designed specifically for your model. This contrasts with many independent shops that might use aftermarket parts. While these can be effective, OEM parts guarantee a level of quality and compatibility that only comes from the vehicle’s manufacturer, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Exclusive Service Specials and Maintenance Discounts

Another area where Robert Horne Ford shines is our range of service specials and maintenance discounts. These offers are tailored to provide value to our customers, making regular maintenance and necessary repairs more affordable. Independent shops may offer specials, but dealership offers are often more comprehensive, covering a range of services from oil changes to major repairs.

Unmatched Amenities and Customer Experience

The customer experience at Robert Horne Ford’s service center is designed for comfort and convenience. Our state-of-the-art facility includes a comfortable waiting area, high-definition TVs, a parts & gear boutique, and online service scheduling. These amenities create a welcoming environment for our customers, something that independent shops may not be able to offer. Additionally, we provide newspapers, magazines, and vending machines to make your wait more enjoyable.

Dare to Compare

Choosing the Right Service Center for Your Needs

While independent shops can provide high-quality services, a dealership like Robert Horne Ford offers the expertise, equipment, and amenities that elevate the standard of vehicle care. Our certified service and technicians, genuine OEM parts, exclusive service offers, and exceptional customer amenities create a comprehensive service experience that’s hard to beat. When considering where to take your vehicle for its next service, remember the benefits that come with choosing Robert Horne Ford in Apache Junction, AZ.


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