Ford Summer Maintenance Tips

Ford Summer Maintenance Tips

Summer Maintenance Tips From Robert Horne Ford

We know that you want to hit the road this summer. That’s why we want to make sure that your Ford is ready for your next big adventure. To help get your Ford ready for some summer driving, we have put together these helpful tips to prepare your vehicle. At Robert Horne Ford, we believe that a happy driver is a well-informed driver. That’s why we encourage you to follow these summer maintenance tips. If you would like assistance in getting your car ready for summer, visit our service center in the Apache Junction, AZ area.

  1. Check The Tires
  2. You don’t want to deal with a blow-out during a long road trip. Be sure to check your tire sidewalls for any sign of damage. Also, make sure that each tire is properly inflated and has at least 2/32 inches of tread.

  3. Inspect The A/C
  4. Keep your vehicle’s cabin comfortable throughout the summer. Turn on the A/C and make sure that each vent blows cool air. Also, you will want to change the cabin air filter. Finally, look for any signs of moisture that may come out of your vents.

  5. Test The Battery
  6. Ever deal with a dead battery? That’s not fun. Check your battery’s strength and inspect the casing to ensure that it is free of corrosion. If you don’t have a way to test your battery, visit our service center for a battery inspection service.

  7. Check Engine
  8. Now is also a good time to check the engine to ensure that everything is working properly. That includes checking the spark plugs and the PVC valves. Additionally, you will want to replace the engine air filters to better protect your engine parts from contamination.

  9. Inspect The Cooling System
  10. You don’t want to have your vehicle overheat at the worst possible time. Check the temperature of your vehicle. In addition, look for any coolant leaks under your vehicle, under the hood, and inside the vehicle cabin.

  11. Check The Vehicle Lights
  12. Finally, you will want to check all the exterior lights. Turn on your lights and make sure that the headlights, taillights, and fog lights are all operating properly. Our parts center offers Ford OEM replacement lights if you need any replacement lights.

Getting Your Car Ready For Summer

Conquer the road with confidence this summer. Be sure to follow these helpful summer maintenance tips. And remember, our service center team at Forber Horne Ford is always ready to assist you. Schedule service today if you want us to help you get ready for some summer driving. We can take your appointment online or by phone.


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